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    Zend – Taking PHP beyond the Conventional

    Zend is the perfect example of dynamism and evolution. The open-source platform has taken PHP to an all-new level and has changed the definition of web applications completely. Today, it has become one of the most popular platforms for developing web-based applications worldwide. In a short span of 7 years, it has gained a reliable reputation amongst PHP developers.

    The extent of the potential of Zend is unknown yet, but it is surely a good investment for online solutions. Digital Valency, with its team of expert PHP and Zend developers, provides highly reliable web development services for businesses of all kinds and sizes. With us, you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best results for all your needs.

    It means Versatility

    It is not possible to define Zend easily, its features and specialties are simply too many. The best part about Zend is that all its components are fully object-oriented PHP 5 based, and are E_STRICT compliant. This means that the versatility comes equipped with security and reliability. Our Zend PHP experts, with their years of experience and a creative approach, work extensively on your project to give you results beyond the ordinary.

    It is Scalable – We Make It Independent

    The architecture of Zend is highly scalable and allows Use at Will operation. The components are loosely coupled and enable easy execution even with the power it offers. With Digital Valency, your Zend PHP applications will not only be scalable, but highly independent as well. Our developers work with the latest techniques and technology, which makes the components minimally interdependent.

    Database Reliability

    Zend offers support for multiple database systems like MySQL, Oracle, etc, and work works with almost all popular vendors. This way, you are free to use any database system and opt for any vendor you like. What adds more to it is our expertise and versatility in working on individual demands and the bespoke needs of our clients. We make a technology that works for you. Instead of asking you to adjust according to the framework, we make the framework best suited for you.

    At Digital Valency, we are dedicated to providing our customers with their desired web applications. If you are unsure about your requirements, you can contact our team for a nice bespoke discussion. We will be glad to assist you in determining what your business needs to grow and expand online. Feel free to reach us via mail or call to know more about Zend, PHP, and the kind of magic we do with these technologies. You can drop in your details and we will get back to you very soon.