VR AR Applications

What medical VR/AR applications do you want to see in use?

Move over, the video games. AR, VR, and MR (mixed reality) are now getting used not only for entertainment but also to assist surgeons within the OR, coach student doctors, and teach patients.

1. Bringing AR and VR images for surgery prep and therefore the OR.

The highly exciting part is that these are the cases that are built from 2D images (MRIs, CT scans, and angiograms) from real patients. This suggests that surgeons can use VR within the simulation center to review the specific details of their patients’ situations. As if that wasn’t cool enough on its own, the system used for VR also can be wheeled into operating rooms and clinics, to either plan out surgery or to show a patient about his or her condition.

But wait! There’s more! The simulation center is found right next to an anatomy lab where surgery residents can practice cadaver heads’ procedures. 3D technology plays a crucial role within the anatomy lab, too: a special microscope allows for the projection of 3D images onto the “patients” during practice surgeries.

  1. Replacement of cadaver-based labs.

Several medical schools use technology (3D models, AR, VR) to reinforce cadaver dissection programs, but some are now starting to build new labs that are cadaver-free.

The most vital reason for this switch is that VR and AR tools are far cheaper and easier to sustain than a cadaver lab. Additionally, students who were taught using only the HoloLens (and no cadavers) scored also on tests as students taught with the normal method.

  1. Helping pharmacy students understand drug effects.

It’s one thing to use words to explain how a drug affects a patient—it’s another thing entirely to supply a virtual visual experience of the physiology involved.

  1. Teaching dental students to administer local anesthetics.

Students can perform virtual injections within the simulation, keeping track of the anesthetic quantity they’re using and how quickly it is being administered. Students also practice giving injections to manikins designed by Higgins for that purpose. Though the mamanikins’ issue is synthetic, the tactile experience of giving an injection provides valuable practice.

  1. Training surgeons on new procedures and devices.

VR is becoming more and more popular than coaching surgeons since residents have limited training time and must stay awake so far with constantly changing and improving medical device technology. computer game provides an economic thanks to helping surgeons learn and practice these various procedures with their associated devices.

What is AR

What is AR, VR, MR, XR, 360?

It was a few years ago when Virtual Reality or VR started to make its way into mainstream conversations and it was rapidly when this industry is advancing. It can be daunting when you keep up with the terms and acronyms. We have created a glossary of terms extending across the immersive technology spectrum from AR to XR to help keep you in the loop.

Virtual Reality

Several different definitions have emerged most of which significantly overlap with one another as virtual reality has evolved and found different uses in different sectors. There are the existences of discrepancies. The following are a few of the elements that VR offers:

  • The user was entirely surrounded by the computer-generated stereo visuals by entirely replacing the real-world environment that is around them. This is the definition that rightly excludes 360 videos from some true VR.
  • From a viewer-centric perspective, the content is consumed and experienced.

Augmented Reality (AR)

On top of the actual world, Augmented reality is the overlaying of digitally-created content. For interacting with both the real world and digital elements or augmentations, Augmented reality or ‘AR’ allows the users. Through the headsets like Microsoft’s Hololens or through the video camera of a smartphone, AR can be offered.


For the combination of virtual and real-world environments and realities, technology-mediated experiences are used. Though it also represents an undefined or variable quality or quantity, the X can be seen as a placeholder for V(R), A(R), or M(R).  The hardware, software, experience, and methods that make virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, cinematic reality, and other realities are all covered by XR. Users can take the digital objects into reality or conversely see the physical objects as present in a digital scene is the most definition of XR that is encompassed in the platforms and content.

Mixed Reality (MR)

The one that seamlessly blends the user’s real-world environment and digitally created content where both the environments can coexist and interact with each other is what mixed reality is. It can be understood to be a continuum on which pure VR and pure AR are both found as it can often be found in VR experiences and installations.

360 Video

360 videos are video recordings that one can view in multiple directions is recorded simultaneously and are frequently called spherical videos or immersive videos. The use of a specialist omnidirectional camera or a collection of separate, connected cameras mounted as a spherical array is how they are shot.

How can you easily distinguish augmented reality and virtual reality

How can you easily distinguish augmented reality and virtual reality?

The two ways of changing the way we view the world through the use of technology are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. There are times when people take AR and VR to be the same. We will be explaining the distinguishing factors between the two technologies dues to their increased use of them through this article.

Augmented Reality:

It is briefly termed “AR” and is known as an improved version of the reality that is created with the use of technology for the addition of digital information a picture of something. In the applications for the smartphones and tablets through the camera is how Augmented Reality is used and this enables you to showcase a real-world view in front of you and then place a layer of information of the text and/or images over the view or views is what it includes.

To allow you to display the interesting information about the places you visit by opening the application when you are visiting a site and going through the information that appears in Layer over your presentation of the photo through the Live entertainment applications such as that Pokemon Go or tourism can be used such as Payer application. Through this, you can see the real estate for sale, find ATMs, find restaurants, and more. You can also discover new sites that you never knew existed earlier.

Virtual reality:

It is termed and symbolized with the letters VR is known to be making use of computer technology for creating a simulated environment. You get before you the concept of VR that presents a reality that is quite different than the one before you. Ranging from the moving scene, or a physical place that has been photographed and included in a virtual reality application, VR may be quite artificial.

Symbolizing that you are physically present, you can VR of moving and searching in every direction up and down, aside and behind you as well. From a specific device like the Oculus, Homido, or the use of your phone and enhanced reality apps like Google Cardboard or Daydream View as you is how you can view virtual reality. You can also go over to the places that you are unable to visit or have never visited earlier such as the surface of Mars or the top of Mount Everest or deep subsea areas with the use of virtual reality applications.

arvr mobile app

How AR/VR mobile apps transforming the industry

Virtual Reality technology is expanding immensely and is really on the momentum of exploding. It is the trend that has been contributed mostly by the rise in the demand for VR applications. Most app development companies have realized the chance and are therefore incorporating computer games in building their mobile apps through it. Mobile app development companies have been creating several VR devices that have made the technology available to the general public to be used. These devices have made mobile phones function as computer game gadgets. This has assisted in growing the VR market even further.

Virtual reality has literally revolutionized how businesses are administered. It also has streamlined communication between the business owners and their prospective customers as well. Several companies including manufacturing, fashion, and entertainment, have realized the advantages of those VR apps. People can now check out the products, communicate with businesses, and shop through the mobile applications that are there.

This mobile app development guide will be highlighting how app development transforms the computer game landscape, the features of an honest computer game app, and samples of successful computer game applications.

How Mobile App Development is transforming the landscape of VR?

Mobile development companies are very instrumental in improving the utilization of computer game technology. They will do that by integrating this technology into application building. There are a variety of ways mobile app Development Companies can incorporate augmented reality and computer game technology in building their applications.

Improved Learning

Virtual reality technology is introduced in the education sector. Institutions use computer game applications to form the training experience exciting and more engaging. Students are ready to continue virtual field trips using apps like the Google Expeditions, which transfers them distant even to inaccessible places. This enhances the training experience and thus making it enjoyable.

Enhances Efficiency of Businesses

Virtual reality mobile apps have improved how business operations are administered. Business owners can easily conduct meetings and teleconferences in a much smoother way because of the technology. This has also led to proper time management and the elimination of travel costs that might be spent attending meetings in distant places. It is the transformation that has led to improved business efficiency.

Unbeatable Virtual Experience

People like using their mobile phones to hold out online activities like shopping and booking. Applications make it easier to undertake this kind of online activity. Mobile app developers have made this experience even more remarkable by creating VR-enabled applications.

Improved User Engagement

User Interface may be a crucial aspect in app development that enhances user engagement. App developers understand the importance of user engagement and have created VR apps that have an improved interface.

Industries for AR and VR

Which industries must take AR and VR seriously?

AR stands for Augmented Reality. It’s the potential to reinforce your world with access to digital information.

VR stands for a computer game. It has the potential to immerse yourself in a vision-based reality.

With that out of the way, let’s mention where it can be useful:


AR and VR help designers get a more precise idea of how their products will appear as if within the near future. In fact, these two platforms consider external factors like the alteration of sunshine to avoid late changes within the product.


Tests have shown that the use of VR in hospital rooms has improved patients’ symptoms, and has helped them have a cushty occupy the hospital. Virtual and Augmented Reality are opening limitless possibilities within the medical world. Researchers and corporations are arising with different solutions and concepts concerning this technology to enhance experiences starting from equipment maintenance to a patient’s hospital stay.

  1. SPACE

NASA is employing VR to form its astronauts to experience the conditions they’re going to need to face once they exit of earth’s boundaries. Earlier, the matter with spacewalking was that astronauts didn’t know what to expect once they left an area ship’s environment. So to scale back mishaps, NASA researchers started finding a virtual thanks to experiencing spacewalking. Now, all the astronauts know what to expect after they exit their habitable spaceship.


A virtual-reality data exploration system offers a user the power to visualize huge ‘live’ data sets, i.e., data sets that are transmitted from a running simulation, and to interact with these visualizations to realize better insight into the info.


Even though the education industry has been relatively slow in adopting new technology, it’s dipped its toe into the planet of computer games. EdTech firm ‘Nearpod’ is currently in use in many public schools because it enables students to participate in virtual field trips all around the world. Another firm that has made the list is ‘EON Reality’ which has haunted a special approach by providing educators with tools for developing their own applications. No wonder VR is becoming an important part of how we learn.

These are just a couple of samples of how AR and VR are revolutionizing industries.

If most people carry their smartphones with them everywhere they are going, it just is sensible to create the technology for this into the smartphones (same for VR). This suggests one reaches the widest audience possible.

Custom game development

What are the different tools for custom game development?

Custom game development is a serious business for some as it is not just about fun and entertainment. For both the computer and mobile platforms, professional game developers around the world are developing robust and interactive games. Computer games were more popular compared to mobile games but these days the mobile games are matching the PC games shoulder to shoulder just about a few years back. Custom game development has become quite popular with the multi-player and 3D graphics making their way into the mobile gaming industry.

Outsourcing it to offshore development centers around the world is the easiest way for custom development of games. Expert developers engage in game development for clients in such centers. For the development of games, they use the latest technology and platforms. The following are some of these technologies are listed:

Popular Custom Game Development Tools

Autodesk Maya – It is the 3D computer graphics software that runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows and is a favorite among all. Fittingly called Maya Embedded Language, Maya is equipped with its very own cross-platform scripting language. The core functionality of the software can be customized with it.

3Ds Max – It is a modeling, animation, and rendering package, is the other gem from Autodesk 3D Max. It includes flexible plugin architecture and can be used on the Microsoft Windows platform with modeling capabilities. For the TV commercial studios and architectural visualization studios, video game developers use this.

Adobe Flash– Among the masses, this tool has made online games a revolution. Late it is now being used for the development of RIAs or Rich Internet Applications with the smaller interactive games that are all developed in Flash. The use of ActionScript which is an object-oriented language is what helps in making Flash so much powerful.

UNITY– For the creation of the 3D video games or other interactive content using as developed once and published everywhere, unity is an integrated authoring tool. For the architectural visualizations or the real-time 3D animations, it can be used. For the iPhone games as well as the other platforms such as Google Android, it can be used effectively.

Cocos2D– Being widely used in mobile game development it is an open-source 2D game framework. One that is written in Python and one that is written in Objective C targeting iOS are the two versions that are used. With Box2D and Chipmunk game engines, the API comes integrated here.

Game development companies

How to hire game development companies for the best outcomes

When the PC games were first introduced, games were played for fun. There are some serious gamers out there who are willing to buy expensive gadgets to quench their gaming thirst with the introduction of Sony PlayStation and Nintendo. The new name is called advergaming and it is catching up now with the idea of using mobile software for the promotion of business. to make sure that your money is not wasted, it is important to hire the right game development company.

Things that should be looked at in a game development company

Creating a mobile game involves a lot of coding and it is something that all know. Coding is just not enough in order to develop a rather interesting game. The gamers expect to have some intelligent design and visual experience else irrespective of the intelligent coding, the gamers will ignore it all. Before you go shopping for the developers to develop a game for your business, you need to understand what should be expected from the best Game Development Companies.

Understanding The Purpose Of The Gaming

You may not clearly know the sort of game that needs to be developed as a business owner. It is the reason why you need professional consultation to decide on the game that is more appropriate for your business since not all gaming ideas can be implemented. For reinforcing the customer relationship, you can only hope to develop a strong relationship with your potential audience is what advertising through mobile games is used for. You cannot expect it to be reflecting your business purpose unless the company that is developing the game will be able to understand the purpose.

Conceptualization and Visualization Skills

The company should be able to visualize the game once the purpose is understood. There cannot be anything that much interesting with the game without these skills as there must be something strong conceptualization that should go with the game. The game development company should have a passion for games and also respect the gamers for this reason.

Technical Skills to Create A Realistic Game

Technical skills are very crucial to creating a realistic game despite the effort that is spent on the visualizing game. The gamers should find it comfortable to play the game at any time of the day since these games are generally meant to be addictive. Unless you are sure that the mobile game development company has the necessary talent do not pay a penny as sloppy coding of the game will lead to failure.

VR AR in medical startup

Would a medical VR/AR startup be useful?

Virtual reality is transforming many industries around the world, and healthcare is among the most important adopters of VR encompassing surgery planning, phobia treatment, pain relief, robotic surgery, skills training, etc.

VR allows healthcare professionals to find out new skills and also as refreshing existing ones in a safe environment. What’s more, it allows treatment planning without causing any danger to the patients. The computer game is proven to be greatly helpful for the event of the latest life-saving techniques and, therefore, doctors’ surgery training.

  1. Surgery Planning–Google Cardboard saves a baby

Virtual reality is often wont to explore three-dimensional scans of patients’ organs in a way that would not be possible with traditional methods. For instance, baby Teegan Lexcen was born with just one lung and half her heart.

2.The world’s first surgery streamed in a computer game

In general, medical students watch actual surgeries to find out how to do the procedures. Therefore the experienced doctors enjoy learning new techniques and getting a refresher on old ones. While the viewers can actually feel as if they’re right there within the OR if the surgeries are filmed using computer games or 360-degree cameras.

3. Virtual reality assists in treating phobias

For a few times, the doctors and therapists who have taken over the planet have advocated the desensitization technique – forcing patients to physically confront that which they fear the foremost – so as to ease or completely cure phobias. they’re using computer games together with cognitive-behavioral therapy as a tool to assist people to overcome phobias, with virtual reality–3-D special effects that simulate environments within the real world–to help clients confront their fears in a controlled and safe environment.

  1. VR techniques in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD treatment

Dr. Albert Rizzo from the University of Southern California has been working in clinical computer games for the past 20 years. He has even won awards for his add developing treatments for PTSD. almost like a desensitization technique for curing phobias, VR is getting used to ease Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, primarily suffered by military veterans upon coming back from war zones like Afghanistan and Iraq.

  1. VR for Pain Relief

Numerous studies have shown that computer game experiences don’t just distract patients from their pain, they will reduce the pain signals that reach the brain. Now, with the supply of low-cost, mobile-based computer game headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard, the technology is leaving the research labs and getting real-world applications.

VR in Real Estate

Are builders and developers using virtual reality for their real estate properties?

Virtual reality tools are just emerging as efficient communication and marketing tools for the important estate industry. More and more capital is placed into computer games and augmented reality technology because it has the potential for a big impact on the land business. Virtual tours along with the virtual staging technologies have the potential to profit both potential buyers and developers. For this reason, land players looking to remain before the curve should check out, rolling out a computer game experience.

How computer games are getting used within the real estate industry?

Virtual reality (VR) implies an entire immersion experience that shuts out the physical world’s remainder. An example of computer game technology is VR headsets. By employing a headset, users block out the surface world from their experience.

VR allows potential buyers or renters to travel through a virtual tour of the property, thereby saving buyers both time and travel expenses. VR technology also allows for virtual staging. In other words, through computer game technology, land agents can show prospective buyers a totally furnished space, despite the space being empty in the real world.

Augmented reality (AR) naturally adds some digital elements to a tool, like a smartphone or iPad. AR technology is changing land because it allows prospective buyers to experience an area, albeit that space isn’t yet built.

For land companies, virtual tours allow land agents to plug the properties with little or no investment. Computer game allows land companies to plug the finished project before construction completion also. The technology allows agents to point out both the inside and exterior of properties that aren’t yet built and allow buyers to experience an area from their home’s comfort.


The major advantage of computer game technology within the land sector is that it saves both buyer and seller time. Additionally, VR technology is extremely convenient for the top user. Though the technology could prove cumbersome for older buyers to urge won’t to, most young buyers in the important estate market are already conversant in doing business online, meaning properties equipped with virtual tours are going to be better positioned among this demographic.

Further, computer game technology provides a way greater outreach for marketers. These advantages put together should eventually culminate in financial savings. Any investor within the land business can enjoy incorporating computer games because it helps both find and keep tenants. The technology also supports land developers during the event stage.

Dot Net

Dot Is Where the Perfection Begins


DotNet framework is perfect for portals and large business automation applications. If you are planning to build professional websites with dynamic content and interactive features, you have an ideal platform in DotNet (.net). At Digital Valency, we have helped numerous organizations to create content-rich websites and portals that are easy to manage and simple to work with. Our expert developers offer the community and commercial versions of Dot Net development, integration, customization, and hosting. With a team of expert programmers and designers at Digital Valency, you get a customized DotNet module that fits perfectly even in the most complex business requirement of yours, from automation applications to eCommerce.

Our DotNet Expertise

Digital Valency offers the services of developing the DotNet modules, which is catering successfully to the needs of the customers. We deliver DotNet custom modules that are competitive and extremely efficient in providing the requisite results.

Our Dot Net Module Development Solutions include-

  • Bespoke web application development
  • Modules for eCommerce, including complete inventory tracking, packaging, and powerful reporting
  • Business automation modules
  • Option of changing HTML/CSS from administration
  • Integrated third-party application

With its Dot Net development services, Digital Valency provides tested and ready-to-install modules for your business.

DotNet Skin Designs

DotNet skin design is a great method to give your website or portal a facelift. Changing the look of your website with new skin got easier through Digital Valency’s Dot Net skin development services. Give your website a brand new and much more professional look, by incorporating custom DotNet modules and skins in your current website.

As per your requirement, our team will transform your idea into a stunning website. Our experts will be helping you with their comprehensive knowledge of various DNN skinning aspects like:

  • Different skins for different web pages
  • Right positioning and sizing of content panes
  • Bespoke Login and Registration/Profile screens

Your wait for an improved and amazing Dot Net skin is over now.

Mobile & Responsive Design


Mobile websites are designed keeping in mind the mobile users that stay connected to the World Wide Web through mobile devices.

Digital Valency offers DotNet website designing and development that are responsive, easy to navigate, and easily readable. We have developed user-friendly mobile websites that work effortlessly on Android, Windows, iPhone Macintosh, and Blackberry platforms. With DotNet, you can manage sites content on your own, without the supervision of any technical expertise.

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