Zend – Taking PHP beyond the Conventional

Zend is the perfect example of dynamism and evolution. The open-source platform has taken PHP to an all-new level and has changed the definition of web applications completely. Today, it has become one of the most popular platforms for developing web-based applications worldwide. In a short span of 7 years, it has gained a reliable reputation amongst PHP developers.

The extent of the potential of Zend is unknown yet, but it is surely a good investment for online solutions. Digital Valency, with its team of expert PHP and Zend developers, provides highly reliable web development services for businesses of all kinds and sizes. With us, you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best results for all your needs.

It means Versatility

It is not possible to define Zend easily, its features and specialties are simply too many. The best part about Zend is that all its components are fully object-oriented PHP 5 based, and are E_STRICT compliant. This means that the versatility comes equipped with security and reliability. Our Zend PHP experts, with their years of experience and a creative approach, work extensively on your project to give you results beyond the ordinary.

It is Scalable – We Make It Independent

The architecture of Zend is highly scalable and allows Use at Will operation. The components are loosely coupled and enable easy execution even with the power it offers. With Digital Valency, your Zend PHP applications will not only be scalable, but highly independent as well. Our developers work with the latest techniques and technology, which makes the components minimally interdependent.

Database Reliability

Zend offers support for multiple database systems like MySQL, Oracle, etc, and work works with almost all popular vendors. This way, you are free to use any database system and opt for any vendor you like. What adds more to it is our expertise and versatility in working on individual demands and the bespoke needs of our clients. We make a technology that works for you. Instead of asking you to adjust according to the framework, we make the framework best suited for you.

At Digital Valency, we are dedicated to providing our customers with their desired web applications. If you are unsure about your requirements, you can contact our team for a nice bespoke discussion. We will be glad to assist you in determining what your business needs to grow and expand online. Feel free to reach us via mail or call to know more about Zend, PHP, and the kind of magic we do with these technologies. You can drop in your details and we will get back to you very soon.

Iphone Apps

Digitalvalency understands the arrival of innovation and efficiency that comes hand to hand with Apple’s iPhone vary. Being the neatest mobile platform, the iPhone has become the buzzword for mobile businesses and for mobile users similarly. Thus, we tend to style and develop a number of the best and next-generation iPhone applications for each Smartphone.


iPhone Apps For Next Generation

A highly competent and knowledgeable team of iPhone application development works round the clock in state-of-the-art infrastructure to develop these world-class applications in a very creative and customized manner. Below listed are the iPhone applications that we already have developed for our esteemed clients worldwide:


An extremely competent and knowledgeable team of iPhone application development works around the put down a state-of-the-art infrastructure to develop these world category applications in a very artistic and customized manner. Below listed are the iPhone applications that we already have developed for our esteemed clients worldwide:

  • Business Apps
  • News Apps
  • Game Apps
  • Social Apps
  • Messenger Apps
  • Security Apps and many more


Our iPhone application development team is well-versed with the most recent updates and trends within the mobile business. They’re well-versed with application development SDK and different important frameworks. When it comes to converting ideas into results, they are the masters indeed. Their efficiency is simply reflected in the apps they have developed for iPhone, iPod, and iPad Applications. All these beyond best applications are developed using advanced technologies such as Web services/Soap/XML, SQLLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP, etc.



With every application we develop, we render maximum compatibility and enhanced user efficiency irrespective of the iPhone models viz. iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. Our diverse range of applications has been developed using different versions of the iPhone SDK, XCode, and iOS.


PHP is one of the best scripting languages available on the web for making interactive websites and functional web applications for businesses. It is a highly popular option to get competent and compelling applications. The beauty of PHP lies in its simplicity. It is easy to understand and learn. Specializing in PHP programming, Digital Valency provides a comprehensive range of custom PHP application development services for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

Digital Valency offers high-end PHP web development services for businesses of all sizes. With our team of expert PHP developers, we have successfully delivered dynamic web solutions according to our client’s custom requirements. With years of experience in web application development, our experts take pride in delivering PHP-based web solutions that perfectly sync with the business objectives of diverse enterprises.

Why Choose PHP

Compatible with different Platforms

Platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac, and others are highly compatible with PHP scripts. It also provides support for all web servers like Apache, IIS, etc, making it a highly versatile platform. And the best part is, that we have a team of expert PHP developers, which increases its effectiveness exponentially.


Developing organizational websites or from small businesses to giant ones, informative forums, chatting platforms, e-commerce shopping carts,s, and several web tasks can be easily done using PHP. The technology of PHP combined with the expertise of Digital Valency is exactly what you need.

User Friendly

With a highly user-friendly design, PHP gives more flexibility than other platforms and helps in increasing traffic to the site with its special features that support internet marketing. There has never been a better combination of simplicity and awesomeness than this.

Other Tools

Updating your existing business website with dynamic content to your webpage with the use of PHP would be the best option for you. It is easy to learn and integrates well across many platforms and with various software programs.


Digital Valency and PHP

At Digital Valency, we play with the full potential of PHP as a scripting language. With our team of technical experts of PHP Developer and designers, we proclaim our confidence and competence in this domain and assure you of providing solutions that are highly functional, robust, scalable, completely effectual, and yet cost-effective.

You can contact us to know more about our services, or feel free to drop in for a bespoke discussion to help you finalize your needs. We will be happy to help you get the perfect online services for your company. Reach us via call or mail, or simply leave your contact details so that we can get back to you quickly.


Website that makes you saleable 

WordPress powers more than 17% of the web – a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. It has grown from being a single page designing tool to providing wide range of services. Be it an exclusive website for your business, or maintaining specially developed blogs and forums online, WordPress can do it all. At Digital Valency, we help you in building a smart online image with effective designing, expertise web development and a strong creative approach.

Digital Valency has been making creative, innovative and unique websites for businesses of all kinds. With our sheer dedication and team effort, we have carved a reputation that speaks for itself.

If you are looking for reasons to get a WordPress website designed at Digital Valency, here is quick summary as to why it is a perfect combination.

Wide Scope

WordPress website design is best suitable for web portals which experience mediocre traffic and need attractive designing. WordPress is built to make that magic happen. Digital Valency provides you with hand held control over the online image of your company with effective WordPress website development. Whether you want a website for a small or large business, or a blog dedicated for promotional or informative activities, you can count on Digital Valency’s team of expert and skilled web developers for the task.

Custom Modules

Customizing online portal was never this easy. WordPress comes with default content types, but for more flexibility you can add a few lines of code to create your own custom post types and metadata. With the ease of development, and endless modules and templates offered by WordPress and our reliable services, you get the perfect website for your business. With Digital Valency, you can take WordPress in whatever direction you wish.

Multilingual Support

One of the most remarkable features of WordPress is the ability and ease to design a website in almost any language of the earth. And the best part is that we are multilingual as well! With a team of the expert WordPress developers in India, Digital Valency is proud to be working with clients from various countries & continents.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of search engine optimization for you. While using it, you know you are always high on search engine result pages.

ADM, has a team of expert web developers and years of experience in internet solution services and WordPress development. You can rest assured of an incredibly awesome website just as soon as you reach us with your needs!

Android Apps

The world is now mobile, and it is time your business reaches your customers’ palms!

With the rising popularity of the Android Operating System amongst mobile phone users, the Android store has become the best market to sell your services or products. Digital Valency offers world-class Android Apps development and maintenance services to help your company expand its outreach in the best possible way. We have been operating in the field of internet marketing for a very long now, and know exactly what the customers desire.

A is for Awesome!

There is no denying the fact that the Android operating system has taken the world by surprise, attracting users of all ages, locations, and professions towards it. This has made it the best platform to sell the products, as the customer base of Android is unlike any other platform in the world. With an application of your company viral on the android store, there are no limits to your profitability.

Digital Valency was set up with the aim to help businesses like yours succeed online. After years of experience, and a team of dedicated and expert Android Apps developers, we assure you of the amazing applications for your company. Whatever be your needs, you can trust the team at Digital Valency for an application that makes the customers feel special, and ensure profitability for your business simultaneously.

Why Digital Valency

At Digital Valency, we offer Android application development services for companies that want to capture the unending profitability of the platform. Our team of expert and experienced Android developers work on your ideas and create an application that takes your entire business into your customers’ hands. Our promise is quality, perfection, and applicability, and we strive hard to live up to that promise.

The best thing about our versatile developers is that, unlike the other stereotype application creators, we do not limit our creativity and work. We go an extra step to provide you just exactly what you need. We add our inputs to your vision of an application and give it a structure that the customers find appealing and easy to use. Here at Digital Valency, we know that every business is different, and so are their needs. Whether you are a company offering services or an online store selling products, you can find the best application at Digital Valency.

From the EMI Calculators to shopping applications and word processors, we make them all!

We have created Android applications for many companies, and keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. Call us or send an email to know more about how we can help you get the best Android App for your business. You can even leave your contact details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. After all, you deserve a star treatment!


Joomla is an open-source content management framework that provides complete administration over business websites, including publishing web content and project development. The versatility, user-friendliness, and mobile-ready scope make Joomla a highly sought-after CMS for corporate websites. At Digital Valency, we blend all the features of this amazing platform to give you the best website and supreme control.

Joomla is designed in such a way that it requires minimal technical expertise to use and operate. It is a single-click install set up and gets your new website running in just a few minutes.

Blending the versatility of Joomla with the expertise of Joomla developers at Digital Valency, we provide complete solutions like:

  • Corporate Web sites or portals
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Personal or family homepages


The Versatile Joomla

The true power of Joomla lies in its extensibility. Here is why Joomla is much more than just being a powerful content management system.


User Management

Joomla allows users to configure personal options on the website. If you have lots of users on your site, then you can extend user registration with unlimited fields you need specifically for your business, create personal profiles, mass mailing newsletters, analyze users’ data by any field and have this information.

CMS Extensibility

Joomla is bundled with many common functions which allow users to choose from a large selection of add-ons to extend functionality. Users can also organize the content any way they want and not necessarily in only a particular format. After you have created your articles, there are a number of pre-installed modules showing the most popular articles, latest new items, newsflashes, related articles, and more.

Backup and Restore Settings

Joomla allows you to backup & restore your settings, so that you can backup and restore your settings for the bad days, and at the same time use your settings on different websites with ease.

Some other extensible features of Joomla are-

  • Completely database driven site engines
  • News, products, or services sections are fully editable and manageable with the media manager
  • Topics sections can be added to by contributing Authors
  • Fully customizable layouts with powerful template management



Why Digital Valency is your best choice?

At the core, we are a business that understands the ever-changing requirements of online trends and our experts in this arena deliver the best-customized service to you with their comprehensive technical expertise. Whatever may be your requirement we will turn your imagined business website into your reality, and that too in an excellent manner.

You will be having a strong web presence and online popularity of your business website along with incredible functionality and astounding design and user interface. Your search for the best Joomla development company will end with Digital Valency.