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    What is the difference between 360 degree video and virtual reality?

    By now, you’re presumably conversant in 360 videos. Maybe you’ve even tried on a flowery headset or two. You’ve probably also heard many of those 360 videos mentioned as VR or (virtual reality). While the media along with the marketing materials often use these terms interchangeably, 360 and VR are literally two separate experiences.

    Beyond Direction

    While watching a 360 video, the viewer can move either left to right or top to bottom within an indoor spherical space. On the opposite hand, a computer game experience can almost seem limitless. you’ve got control of your environment beyond direction. Rather than looking around, a viewer can move around (well, virtually) and interact with the environment within the software’s bounds. Objects are often picked up, doors are often opened and thereon goes. These are the creations that can get fancy (and expensive) and involve quite just a headset: joysticks, gloves, suits … to call a couple of accessories.

    Think of it like this — with all the 360 videos, you’re within the passenger seat of a car. The driving force represents the filmmaker, who creates a shocking experience and invites you along for the ride. You’ll shop around from your seat and luxuriate in the curated scenery.


    360 cameras and rigs have allowed the cinema to expand beyond the bounds of traditional one-shot photography. Filmmakers can now creatively adapt their stories from multiple angles. because of 360 cameras and rigs, cinema has expanded beyond the bounds of traditional one-shot photography. Creators can now creatively adapt their stories from multiple angles. As a viewer, you’re immersed in a filmmaker’s artistic vision in a way that no other medium allows. It’s like being within a movie, which is why we mention “experiencing” 360 instead of simply watching it.


    Virtual reality relies on somewhat clunky computer software to get a digital environment (hence the virtual part). These words are meant to mimic the design and feel of the critical world.

    While digital environments are often found within 360 videos, it’s more common to ascertain the important world footage. It’s the best wont to take viewers to places they might never continue on their own. 360 is currently breaking into the market with offerings of interactive experiences like action sports, concerts, or maybe swimming sharks — and our curated channel offers you a glimpse into several of today’s best videos.