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    Seo Strategy Consultant

    A professional SEO Strategy consultant is someone who makes your business online presence better and more accessible in the market. With the help of an SEO consultant, you’ll more effectively cater to your target audience via proven inbound marketing strategies.

    Here are some steps followed by the Seo Strategy Consultant: 

    First, they review the business and audit the website according to that, they find the business-oriented keywords according to the market.

    Then they plan the things, how many pages, and keywords will be perfect for the website.

    Then they work on the implementation parts, like creating the landing pages, content, internal, and external linking, tags, and more.

    And in the last, they manage things by execution by preparing the SEO campaigns organic and inorganic.

    You can track these things via google analytics.

    You can hire our Seo Strategy Consultant at an affordable cost. We will review the following things for the website:

    1- ON-PAGE SEO
    3- Technical SEO
    4- PPC/Google Adwords campaign setup/optimization
    5- Content development as per the keywords/search terms
    6- I will develop genuine backlinks MANUALLY related to your website
    7- Recommendations and implementation of all the IMPORTANT SEO factors that are lacking on the website.

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