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    How do online reviews affect SEO?

    As you know SEO includes website traffic, leads, reviews, and ranking. Online reviews play a very important role in SEO because whenever users find products with a good review, they will definitely visit the brand website after seeing good reviews. Whenever the users land on the website that helps increases website traffic. And yeah, if website traffic will increase, then website ranking will also improve which would be beneficial for the website.

    Please review the following points where you see the value of online reviews.

    – When we need any products we always compare the user’s reviews on the products.
    – It is very important for sellers to get reviews on their products or services.
    – Sellers should ask the reviews from the customers again and again. You can do it via automatic mailing where the mail is about to convince the customer to provide the review on your product and the services page.
    – Some new sellers hire a freelancer or agency to provide the review on their listing to look genuine.

    – Having Four To Five Star Reviews On Your Business Page Definitely Impacts Business, Because It Shows How Happy Or Sad Your Customers Are? More Reviews On the product, Customers And Also Increases CTR, and yeah, that is part of SEO.

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