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    How do I create powerful backlinks to boost my traffic?

    You should take care of the following things to get powerful backlinks to increase the website’s google ranking:

    • Write unique content for the PR/blogs and the article’s backlink sites.
    • Interlink targeted pages to PR/blogs and article sites.
    • All inter Linking on the keywords.
    • Find competitor’s backlinks and start link building there.
    • Start working on forums and question and answering sites like quora and yahoo answering.
    • You should start working at local sites to get local traffic. You can create a profile for a business.
    • You should work on google business listing to get local traffic, there should be more and more positive reviews because the user sees the positive reviews when they look for the services.
    • Please check the domain and page authority to create the backlinks. It should be above 50.
    • You should create a profile on all social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. Please don’t forget to work on the hashtags when you start posting on social media profiles.
    • And the main thing for the website traffic, your website should have all related pages on all business-oriented keywords that will be beneficial for google ranking and the website traffic. For that, there will be lots of keyword research.

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