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    Free On Hold Music


    One of the most frustrating things is waiting when your call is put on hold. Nobody likes to be put on hold, isn’t it! The best alternative to keep this boredom at bay for your callers is to take the help of free on-hold music. It is one of the best ways of dealing with the callers who are waiting for your services.

    Putting the call on hold for too long with nothing but silence or poor Music on Hold can be disastrous for your business as callers might drop out, especially if they are met with silence! The call dropping rate will increase if people are left waiting for too long because people usually hang up instead of waiting.

    Our On-Hold Music is a Treat to Ears!

    The on-hold music that we incorporate in-between your calls will be treated to the ears. Read on, as we will tell you how we select free on hold music for your business.

    • We Select Music Keeping in Mind Your Clientele: Our experts select the best music that goes in sync with your brand image and clientele. For example; a Younger audience might not prefer conventional and classical music and prefer contemporary tunes instead. On the other hand, if your customer base belongs to the older generation then soft and soothing music will be the safest bet.
    • We Utilize the On-Hold Time for Marketing: We use the on-hold time for marketing and promotion of your brand. Hence, we give you a voiceover that enables you to market your products and provide them with special offers. This way people will have a reason to stay online and you will have the potential to make an extra sale.
    • We EnsureVariety: We make sure that you get a variety of free on hold music for your audience and therefore keep mixing up various tunes to come up with newer ones each time.

    Concluding Thought:

    It is a simple fact that customers don’t like to be put on hold while on a call. If the time duration exceeds more than a minute, you will surely lose important customers. Plus, your brand image will be at stake as people will spread a negative word of mouth for sure.

    We at Mediagroup, have years of experience in creating engaging free on hold music. We create music coupled with interesting offers and deals that will entice your customers and ensure that they don’t put their phones down. Connect with our team and tell them your requirements and get the best quote for your business. You can also listen to the sample music to get an idea of what we have to offer.