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    Enterprise Internet Marketing

    When it comes to digital marketing strategy, the whole should always be greater than the sum of its parts. The power of anyone’s endeavor is only fully realized when it is integrated with others. Integration ensures you’re getting the Extreme out of your investment. It permits you to maximize your profits by capturing valuable fairness that exists between channels. With this in mind we employ collaborative techniques across a number of channels including Organic Search (SEO), Paid Search (SEM), Social Media, Web Design and Development, PR, and even offline internet marketing techniques. Our integrated module ensures inter-departmental alignment, collaboration, communication, and ultimately, success.


    Perception of your real goal is a great place to start.

    • How does your website help you get your goals?
    • Direct sales?
    • Leads?
    • Referrals to others?
    • Pageviews (advertising or dissemination of information)?


    Whatever you do with your site promotional techniques it is disastrous that you tie these all back to the goal of your site.

    The Major Problems:

    This all voices pretty effortlessly, but getting it together is a lot harder than it voices. What happens with many enterprises is that the people involved already have a lot of other stuff on their plates. Our team knows that they need to do something, so they take some tactical actions to get it started. But, then they don’t get the value out of it they are looking for.

    Three of the main reasons why:

    • Uncoordinated Strategies
    • Part-homeowners
    • In Different Departments


    Possible Solutions:

    We feel that one of the great solutions is to have one owner that oversees all of these initiatives – SEO, social media, SEM, the blog, and content marketing. They should also have the ability to impact what happens in PR, or follow up with media people that are reached by successful PR endeavors.

    Four things going for them:

    • Focused
    • Passionate
    • Supported
    • Authority

    A single owner is the best way to set this up. If you can’t do that for some reason, then set up with our team that has the same qualities.