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    Digital Marketing & Strategy

    We provide clients with the strategic support needed for your business.

    Some Important Questions we deal with:

    Are you planning to start a new business?

    Your valuable business stopped growing after a few years?

    Are you experiencing a rollercoaster in your brands?

    Are you struggling to take your business off the ground?

    Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Plan includes:

    • The market needs analysis – Understand the real-time market
    • 6 months Social media calendar, Post ideas
    • Paid marketing strategy
    • Comprehensive marketing budget
    • Blogging, Email, and YouTube promotional strategy
    • Competitor analysis
    • 6-months Social media calendar
    • Customer personas
    • Marketing channels with distribution strategies
    • Segmentation and Target market identification
    • Brand positioning strategy
    • Lead generation strategies


    If you are not getting the results you want: 

    1. We’ll be setting the direction of a product/service.
    2. Develop a strategy tailored to a specific goal.

    I have supported people from every niche imaginable, including crypto, consumer-facing, corporate, legal, nonprofit, and more.