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    Digital Marketing New Update: Google ‘testing’ domain name service.

    Google has revealed plans for its own domain name enrollment service.

    The firm is “testing” a service that will permit consumers “to search, find, buy, and move” domain names for their business/brands.

    An expanding number of businesses are hoping to set up their online availability, boosting interest for domain names.

    Google’s move comes similarly to GoDaddy recorded papers to raise $100m (£59m) by means of an offer deal.

    GoDaddy is one of the world’s greatest domain name registration firms.

    As indicated by its documenting with the US specialists, GoDaddy had 57 million domains under administration toward the finish of a year ago and produced incomes of $1.1bn.


    Google is also one of the world’s most famous online search engines.

    Google specialists said there have “always been rumors within the industry that Google was a domain name registrar”. In any case, Google had for the most part utilized that administration inside “to battle web spam and to help give cleaner indexed lists”.

    “Presently it is utilizing that ability to offer this as a commercial service.”

    Google said it has tied up with four firms that work in building websites – WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify – to help businesses create one of their own.

    The firm said it was also working at providing “hosting services from a range of providers, as well as domain management support” to clients.

    Google’s latest venture could also help it better market its other services such as AdWords to businesses keen on boosting their online presence.

    The logic is pretty obvious – they can upsell their existing services.

    But he cautioned: “With their dominance in search, this may get some to worry if Google would use that data to help promote their services more than others”.