How to delete your Google search history, where is your activity stored?

How to delete your Google search history, where is your activity stored_

You search Google on all the questions that come to your mind. Many times you search such things on Google, which you want to delete. But you do not know how to delete or manage your search history. You can see what you have searched on Google. If you want, you can also delete this data. Google also shows you other search results based on your search. Today we are telling you how to access Google search history and delete it.


First you login to Google from your Gmail account.
Now you have to enter by typing My Activity on Google. The first search result will come.
Now this will take you to website.
There will be many options in which My Activity will be seen on the mind page.
Now search queries and results will appear below you.
The option of item view and bundle view will appear on the left side. In the item view, your activity will be shown one by one, while in the bundle view you can see your search activity according to the category.
There is a search box at the top where you can search for your activity.
You will see three dots on its side. Which is also called the hamburger icon.
After clicking this option, you can delete the activities according to the date.
Here you will get the option of Delete Activity By. By clicking this, you will be given a list of every Google service.
Some of your activities are recorded at these places. If you want, you can select and delete them from everywhere.
Your activity will be deleted from all places.

Let us tell you that after doing this, you are only deleting the history or activity of your phone. They are only being deleted from your account. Your activity store will still be on Google’s server.


Even after delete, your activity is stored here

When you delete the activity or search history from your Google account, then Google starts its work. According to Google, after the search history is deleted by the user, the company also deletes some data from its storage.

Although Google keeps the store forever even after deleting some of your data. Even after your search history is deleted, Google keeps data about which days and what data you have searched. Google says that activity is also stored for company business policy. This means that even if you manage your search history in any way, your searched information gets stored on Google’s server, which can also be seen under certain circumstances.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business may look alike, but both are different apps. WhatsApp is a messaging app meant to keep you in touch with your family and friends. At the same time, WhatsApp Business is a platform to promote your business. This app is designed to make you communicate with your customers and develop your brand. There is also a difference in features between the two apps. Some features are common in both the apps but WhatsApp Business has given special features like Business Profile and Business Messaging Tools.

Benefits of WhatsApp business

WhatsApp Business helps promote the business of small traders. This makes working and contact between merchants much easier. Also, it also helps to exchange samples in business. Through this, there is a lot of ease in transacting orders. It directly connects businesses and customers.

Learn – Why scientists around the world are worried?

Artificial Intelligence

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said in his address that it is very important to be cautious about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence means machines that have the ability to think like humans, work only like humans, and make decisions like humans. Artificial intelligence in simple language – is one made through humans that has the ability to work like humans. This is called Artificial Intelligence. Currently, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, self-driving technology of cars like Tesla, are a form of artificial intelligence.

Concerns are being raised all over the world about artificial intelligence technology. In many countries, different measures are being found to curb this technology. There are many countries that are also spying on developing this technology. China is at the forefront of this spying race, which is why many countries including India have banned many mobile apps of China in their countries. India has banned all the mobile apps of China, all these apps worked like artificial intelligence. Whatever users used to download these apps in their mobiles, these apps started spying on that user, so India has banned hundreds of such apps in China.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said in his address that it is very important to be cautious about artificial intelligence. Sundar Pichai has warned the whole world about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence. This is not the first time that Sundar Pichai has warned about the danger of artificial intelligence. He also addressed the employees of the company in the year 2018, saying, “The impact of artificial intelligence on the world will hardly be of any other invention.” But the most important among them is artificial intelligence, for example, he said that fire and lightning are as important as artificial intelligence in our life, but fire and lightning can kill humans. We have learned to control fire and electricity, but we are also struggling with its dangers. Those working on artificial intelligence will have to understand that this is one such technique, which will have to be worked with full responsibility.

In 2017, Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk tweeted, “If you are not worried about Artificial Intelligence then you should be worried. It is more dangerous than North Korea.” The photo that Elon Musk tweeted on social media Thi wrote in it, “Finally the victory will be of machines”. Musk appealed to the leaders to make rules and laws to control artificial intelligence before it is too late.


Elon Musk tweet


Noted physicist Stephen Hawking, who explained the world the black hole and the Big Bang theory, said in 2017 that “I believe that artificial intelligence can be used for the betterment of humanity, but humans have no way to control it.” Have to find some way. ” He warned about their becoming more powerful, saying that they should become powerful machines. He had said, “If we are not able to prepare ourselves for its dangers, then it can cause the greatest harm to human civilization.”

In 2017, Oren Etzioni of the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence said that there is a great need to control artificial intelligence, to some extent, regardless of its use.


Artificial intelligence is used in these countries


Artificial intelligence is used in India to arrest criminals. Many times, in crowded places, criminals change their appearance and join with the people and go out after committing criminal incidents. To prevent such incidents, the Indian police use a facial recognition app named Trinetra, which can be used to match the picture of any criminal to find out if he has an old criminal record. The Trinetra app based on Artificial Intelligence was first used on 22 December 2019 at the rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. According to the officers of the Government of India and the police force, the Trinetra is a very valuable technology in this era of modern technology, which makes the identification of criminals very easy.

Right now this technology is being used in many states in India. The government of Uttar Pradesh has also started identifying criminals using Trinetra. In Uttar Pradesh, this technology has been given only the big powers of the police department.

In the US, law enforcement agencies use much artificial intelligence. According to a report, about 600 US agencies are using it. Security agencies say that “There are millions of websites on the Internet, which are also used for tracking artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is being used in many countries like Japan, China, France, Germany.”

When we asked the experts of technology and law to find answers to the questions arising about Artificial Intelligence, they responded in some way – that the app named Trinetra is the basis of the technique of facial recognition. Scanning millions of faces or their pictures to identify a face, whether it is on Facebook or Twitter, or on any news website or on any online platform. It means to violate the privacy of millions for the identity of a person. Then what will happen to the privacy of the millions of people whose companies and governments are scanning their photos or their faces without permission? There is currently no direct law regarding this in India because there is a constant struggle between law and technology. Where technology moves at a rapid pace with a leap and has its own pace of making laws, it moves at a slow pace. The question is that if people do not know about its dangers or do not understand it, and if people are not told about all these dangers, then there is no legal obligation, then companies can take advantage of it. There is a great need to make laws keeping an eye on all that is happening. Because a visa or passport is not required to download the mobile app of a country. If there is no strong law on this, then some country will be walking around you spying on the name of Artificial Intelligence and spying on you every second. You will not be able to catch him, so it is very important to have a law regarding Artificial Intelligence.


Will machines rule humans?


You must have seen many such films from Hollywood to Bollywood in which it is shown that the robot created by the scientists themselves becomes villains and starts attacking humans. All these films are a sample of Artificial Intelligence. Think, as happens in films, that the robot goes crazy and starts causing havoc. If this happens in reality then it will be so frightening. One truth related to this is that in 2017, Facebook designed and tested a robot as Artificial Intelligence. He used to work in the same way as he gave commands, but after some time he started giving commands on his own. Many computers in the lab were shut down and made their own language. It took many scientists to control it but was not able to control it. The robot made his own language and he started speaking it to him. In the end, the scientists had to destroy that robot because it was out of their control. The scientist who created the robot also put an option on Kill. Through this switch, that robot could be destroyed. This is the reason that many scientists around the world are repeatedly warning about Artificial Intelligence.


what is the difference between Advertisements and Promotion

What is the difference between advertisement and promotion_


Advertising refers to messages you send to the public via newspaper and magazine displays, bulletins, TV and radio ads, and website banners. You control the content and graphics and pay for space to show your message. The promotions are intended to work graphically with the medium to make your message stick out, competing with articles, graphics, music, shows, and other ads, called “clutter.” The more promotions a medium has, the more “mess” it contains and the less alluring it is.


Promotion is regularly used by a company to raise sales quickly or induce a trial purchase or service by buyers. The appeals made to consumers with a promotion tend to be more rational and less emotional in nature. Promotional sales are designed to offer incentives to consumers, motivating them to buy your product or service immediately. Promotions generally result in lower profits, but they have instant effects. Promotion is more focused on building sales in the short term, rather than brand building. Types of promotions can include discount coupons, special events, rebates, and free samples.

See how can it will be possible to share files without the internet.

how can it will be possible to share files without the internet

From transferring files to storing the phone, you just have to install Google special app Files by Google on your phone.

There is often a space issue on our phone and many times we have to transfer such files which cannot be shared through WhatsApp or any other chatting app. Now all these problems can be solved with the help of only one app from Google. Very few people know about Google’s Files By Google app. Let’s know how to use it.

First of all, go to Google Play Store and install Files by Google app. As soon as you open the app, you will get the detail of the used space of your phone. Below this, details of junk files, duplicate files, old screenshots will be found. To increase space on the phone, you can delete junk files.

Back-up photos You can also delete photos on the phone by taking a backup directly on Google. Apart from this, photos and videos which have come on WhatsApp can not be deleted from here. Here you will get save call recording save in the phone, if it is not necessary, then you can delete them from here also.


Share files like this

If you have to share the file, click on the Share option near Browse. With this, the file can be sent and received with other users. For this, it is mandatory to have Filed by Google app on other user’s phones too. The Internet will not be needed to share files.

Top SEO Questions Frequently Asked

Top SEO Questions Frequently Asked

What does SEO stand for?
Which is better, SEO or PPC?
Which is better, SEO or SEM?
Where can I study SEO?
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How have you dealt with link penalties? Which Webmaster tool do you use and why?
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How do you use content marketing for SEO?
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What’s your greatest digital marketing success story?
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Explain Google’s projected plan for indexes in 2020.
What is Hummingbird?
Why do internal links matter?
What is Domain Authority?
How do you stay current with Google’s changes as well as industry changes?
How do you see SEO changing in the near future?
Does Your SEO Expertise Need a Boost?

Online Reputation Management Services – SEO


Online reputation management involves a combination of marketing, public relations, legal, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to promote, protect, and defend the online reputation of you or your business services.

With our Online Reputation Management strategies, we have worked with many clients worldwide including Celebrities, Politicians, Realtors, Lawyers, etc., with our expertise in Reputation Management we can DELETE Negative links from any website, e.g.Media site, Review site, remove YouTube video, remove Complaint Website, Mugshot Removal, do Reverse SEO, Technical SEO.

We are a professional team and will manage your Business Reputation by moving negative links to 3 to 5 page.

Our team consists of Social Engineers, Lawyers, SEO experts, we will work on the following things:
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Create business profiles on various strong domains.
Create social media profiles.
Contribute to sites and events to get an “about the author” page.
Get others to write about you.
Have multiple websites yourself
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SEO for the current website.
Weekly Reporting

Please share the following details:
– Negative URL or Name


To supplement the services and further enhance your Google, Yahoo, and MSN ranking, we look forward to providing well-detailed baseline reporting, optimized code and content, link building, and implementation support.

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FACEBOOK is going to merge these 2 apps????

Facebook New Update

Facebook is bringing new updates on the day. In such a situation, it is now reported that the company is considering adding Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Yes, now in a new update, Facebook has integrated Messenger and Instagram chat.

This is visible to US users. Here some users are able to integrate chat of both these apps with new updates. According to an alleged report, Instagram users will be able to use Facebook Manager from the app itself.

After the update, Instagram will actually include Messenger itself, and then swipe-up replies and other features will be available. Apart from this, four things are new in this update including Colorful Look for Chats, Emoji Reaction, Swipe to Reply for Messages, and Chat with Facebook Friends. With this, the biggest change is to chat with friends of Facebook directly from Instagram. At the same time, if an up-to-date report is accepted, an update has been given to Facebook’s Instagram mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Furthermore, it is being said that this is a new way of sending messages on Instagram. Although it has many new features, for Indian users, there is no news about whether a new update has been given on Instagram.

How to find running social media post fake account or boat?

Socail Media Fake Account

On the Internet, it is difficult to find out who is behind whose profile. Fake accounts are everywhere.

Sometimes there are no real peoples behind these profiles, sometimes they are robots or bots.

These programs are specially designed to talk to you and respond to you.

During elections, people use it to raise some political issues or to move an issue forward. Their floods on social media.

Bots are made to mingle in a crowd.

But how can we find them?

If some strange and same posts come from those accounts. So this is a sign. If they do not reply and keep getting involved in debates. So that’s a gesture.

Many times real people are hidden behind fake campaigns. Troll factories are run by some people who are given money to take the debates about social media foot in a particular direction.

It is not easy to know what reality is and what is real. In the case of high profile people, Blue Tick helps to find high profile accounts. Although fake celebrity accounts make you look more real.

So before you believe the post made in the name of any person, you must find his official account.

What Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company?

SEO Question

What is your philosophy of approaching SEO to deliver results?
How will you adapt that strategy to our brand/business/industry/niche?
What metrics define “success” for you?
How long will it be until we can expect to see results?
How do you approach mobile?
How should SEO incorporate with our overall marketing strategy?
How do you conduct keyword research?
How do you approach link-building and influencer marketing?
What tools do you use?
How do you report on progress and what does it look like?
How do you stay up-to-date on industry changes and Google updates?
What do you need from us to be effective?


What other questions would you ask an SEO company? Please ask and we are ready to reply 🙂