How to get search engine traffic without backlinks?

How to Increase Your Search Traffic Without Building Links

Getting search engine traffic without backlinks is possible. The key to getting this traffic is to write about topics which aren’t talked about enough. This comes down to doing a bit of keyword research to find your topics.

Doing keyword research is done in many different ways. After you have done it yourself many times, you will find a rhythm that works best for you. Some methods require using paid tools, but most often it can be done for free just by learning how to use Google differently.

SEMRush is the best paid tool for keyword reseach.
For free, you can use

Please follow the following steps:
– Need to work on complete on site seo
– Find the best keyword research
– Start wiring artilces on those keywords
– Update it on the website Page and blog section
– Make bold main keywords
– Add proper meta title on that landing page
– Add proper meta description on that landing page
– Add related image on that page with the alt tag
– Write on those search terms which shows on google webmaster search query

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Top 5 SEO Companies in the world

Top 5 SEO Companies in the world

Looking for the best SEO companies in the world? Here is the list of top search engine optimization (SEO) agencies in the world that can deliver result-driven SEO Services. A general user’s patience can last up to a maximum of the top 3 pages. And that is a particular scenario only if a user is patient enough to make efforts for those three clicks! Not just that, statistics indicate that the majority of users are most likely to click on the first five suggestions in SERPs. Hence, procuring SEO experts or a list of top-ranking SEO companies in the world can come in handy. Good Firms knows the importance of hiring search engine optimization companies for all small, medium, and large businesses and has therefore curated a list from the rankings of best SEO firms in the USA and across the world.

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SERP Rankings

SEO Ranking

SERP is an abbreviation of “Searh Engine Result Page” and Ranking means “Position”. Then, simply SERP Ranking means a position for an article or blog post in the search engine result page.

While somebody search something in Google using a search term, then Google shows thousands or hundreds of results, but 1st page used to show 13 results. Everyone seeks the better position in the first page.

As the position or rank being determine upon the performance of Search Engine Optimization, then the rank of a blog post result is being defined as the SERP Ranking in SEO.

An adequate SEO could ensure the better rank (result) for a blog post which is the core game every optimizer try to play best. Better content, better keywords and better authority links used to result the game of the SEO upon the content that gets quick index in the knowledge graph and get ready to appear in the SERP as per audience search using the keywords that is used in the content.

So, SERP Ranking in SEO is a pretty game you could enjoy the best result if your SEO is appropriate and result stands 1st or 2nd or 3rd in the 1st SERP.

SERP(Search engine results pages)basically two types :

  1. organic results
  2. paid results

There are Three type of search query :

  1. Informational
  2. Navigational
  3. Transactional

Informational searches are those in which the user hopes to find information on a given topic, such as Narendra Modi. It wouldn’t make much sense to place ads or other types of paid results on a SERP like this, as the search query “Abraham Lincoln” has very low commercial intent; the vast majority of searchers using this search query are not looking to buy something, and as such only informational results are displayed on the SERP.

Navigational queries are those in which the user hopes to locate a specific website through their search. This may be the case for individuals searching for a specific website, trying to locate a website whose URL they can no longer remember, or another type of navigational objective.

Finally, transactional searches are those in which paid results are most likely to be displayed on the SERP. Transactional searches have high commercial intent, and search queries leading to transactional SERPs may include keywords such as “buy” and other terms that suggest a strong desire to make a purchase.

SEO Client Checklist

SEO Checklist

1. Setup The Google Search Console

2. Install Bing Webmaster Tools

3. Setup Google Analytics

4. Install Yoast SEO (WordPress Users Only)

2. Find Solid Keywords In The Google Keyword Planner

5. Find “Question Keywords” With ATP


On-Page SEO Checklist

1. Include Your Keyword In Your URL

2. Use Short URLs

3. Front-Load Your Keyword In Your Title Tag

4. Embed Title Tag Modifiers

5. Use Your Keyword Once In The First 150 Words

6. Use Your Keyword in H1, H2 or H3 Tags

7. Optimize Images

8. Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords

9. Use External Links

10. Use Internal Links


Technical SEO Checklist

1. Identify Crawl Errors

2. Find Out How Google Views Your Page

3. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

4. Fix Broken Links

6. Check Your Site’s Loading Speed


Content Checklist

1. Create Amazing Content Using “The Skyscraper Technique”

2. Chunk Your Content to Maximize Readability

3. Cover Your Page’s Topic In-Depth

4. Use Schema Markup

5. Focus on Content Formats That Are Working Right Now