What are the best techniques for off-page SEO?

off page seo services

Off-page optimization is the process of linking or promoting your website using link building. Off-page works well if you have properly optimised on-page SEO. These are the steps that cover almost everything you implement for the SEO.

Start monitoring your Website uptime Top Priority
Optimize your landing pages(Proper keywords in the content) towards conversion
Track and follow-up with the goals and the ROI of your site
Form and test hypotheses to drive improvements on your site conversions
Create relevant and attractive content according to your audience
Create search rankings according to the competitor research
Create Google Local Business listing with Google My Business
Develop a link building plan for your Business Website
Develop competitor and audience content research
Verify your website linking
Optimize images size for your website
Optimize website landing pages titles
Use keywords for internal site links
Optimize website internal navigation and links
Show the same content to users and search engines
Develop a mobile-friendly website
Develop a keyword research
Optimize your site-local signals
Measure SEO Progress with the right KPIs and metrics
Optimize website URLs
Optimize website content
Verify that your site pages are showing the right HTTP status
Ensure Your Site Works across popular Browsers, Resolutions, and Devices
Use canonical if required
Establish a hierarchically organized site architecture
Measure the advancement of your Usability and CRO efforts
Develop a competitive and audience link research
Optimize your site speed performance
Optimize international sites to target different countries and languages
Optimize your 404 Error Page
Show the right mobile version to the relevant device
Show the same content to mobile users and search bots
Have a clear and easy to use navigation system
Optimize Frames & iFrames Usage
Optimize any Flash Usage
Develop an overall social media marketing plan
Engage and show your presence on social sites within your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more
Use Metadata and Markup to stand out in Search Results
Generate XML Sitemaps featuring your site content
Optimize your site paginated pages
Encourage reviews, links, and referrals from customers and clients
Optimize your existing external links
Establish guest blogging collaborations with relevant industry blogs
Obtain links by covering and attending to your industry’s events
Grow the engagement from your community
Establish and measure your site Social KPIs and Conversions target
Add a conversion form to maximize customer retention
Establish and measure your site Mobile KPIs and Conversions target
Establish and measure your site Local KPIs and Conversions target
Get in touch and develop visibility with your sector influencers
Analyze the gathered metrics to improve the conversion of the site
Register your domain for additional years and buy top country extensions
Optimize the content of your mobile version
Utilise Meta Robots Tags on individual site pages
Link your authorship and publisher pages with Google+
Keep a Consistent Layout Throughout Your Website
Optimize the usage of interstitials and splash pages
Optimize your site videos
Clean your HTML from non-relevant information
Promote your content with your community in social networks
Distribute frequent press releases with relevant news about your company
Submit your site to authority and relevant directories
Interact in most important communities in your sector
Include and configure social share buttons
Enhance your site security against spam
Optimize your local business presence in relevant local communities
Build an optimized presence in a relevant industry targeted social networks
Follow-up and evolve your social actions based on your results


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Instagram’s new feature, what is it?

Instagram New Features

The company has now added 10 new features for Instagram and Facebook users. This will make it easier for users to use these two platforms simultaneously. Know what those new features are?

Nowadays the whole world is active on social media. People want to be on every platform from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But sometimes it is difficult to use different apps or stay active on them. In view of this problem of users, Facebook has now added 10 such new features on Instagram which are connected to each other. Actually, Facebook was working on cross-platform messaging for a long time on Instagram and Messenger.

Now Facebook has launched its cross-app messaging and calling feature for users. This will make users very easy. After the new features, you can make messages and calls from Instagram and Messenger on another platform.

Why Businesses Should Work on Gaining Customers’ Trust Online

Why Businesses Should Work on Gaining Customers' Trust Online

Without Gaining Customers’ Trust Online it is impossible to succeed in online sales and subscriptions. Any business interested in having a strong web presence should first work on building online trust. Unless this is achieved nothing else can be attained.

Here are a few simple ways to gain Customers’ Trust Online.


Social Proof Boosts Online TRUST

Social proof is a very powerful tool when it comes to building a strong online presence that directly contributes to Trust and Credibility factors. An interested buyer of services or product will always look for trust signals and authenticity of your online claims. Because buyers may doubt claims about your product or services, it is important to offer them assurance and one of the best ways to achieve this is via social proof. On social platforms, it is real people with real comments and compliments alike. These factors eventually help the online visitor to make a smarter purchase decision.

The more social proof you can gather on the business website, the easier it becomes to build on the trust component that leads to an inevitable increase in sales.


Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing allows the business owners to create, verify and edit a business listing in Google with a lot of ease and without having to do any extra work on the business website or implementing a search engine optimisation strategy. Google developed Google My Business as a credible means to make it easier for online searchers to get the information they need, instantly and from the convenience of their smart device. Google my business page is a very easy way to tell your potential online customers that you are real and you mean serious business. Moreover, if there are some positive reviews on your Google My Business Listing page then it becomes easier for the online prospect to proceed with the purchase. Because he is able to trust the brand and he/she is convinced that he/she will not be duped.


SSL Certification

The main reason why SSL is used is to keep confidential information sent across the Internet, encrypted so that only the proposed recipient can access it. This is important because the information a business sends on the Internet is passed from one computer to another in order to reach to the destination server. In this transition process, there are high chances that the information/data can be hacked or compromised. SSL certificate ensures that the data is encrypted and arrives at the destination without any malware. Web properties with a valid and authentic SSL certificate tend to do more online business compared to websites without an SSL certificate. SSL certificate invokes a strong sense of TRUST when it comes to online purchases and subscriptions. So if you are serious about your online presence make sure you build online trust with an authorized SSL certificate.


Verifiable Testimonials

A website with well defined and verifiable testimonials is very likely to perform better in terms of online trust compared to a website with no testimonials or fake testimonials. Online prospect is smart enough to tell the difference between real and fake testimonial. Therefore make sure you have real people leave you real feedback. And if they agree to upload their picture along with a verifiable link to LinkedIn or any other Social Media platform nothing like it. It will go a long way toward boosting your online trust.


Original Content

Apart from attracting high rankings in SERPs, original content also helps the online prospect relate with it better, thereby generating a strong trust factor that prompts the online visitor to interact with the webpages longer. This has a positive impact on controlling Bounce Rate, and apart from building on Google’s trust factor, it enhances the online visitors’ trust in the web property that tends to improve online sales and top SERPs positions.

Therefore, it will be correct to say that by building trust between you and your customers, you are creating better work ethics, improving your business’s reputation, while providing something of worth to your customers. So work on ONLINE TRUST and see your sales skyrocket.

What are the best website analysis tools?

Website Analysis Tools

If you have a website and curious about the website information and details, We would like to recommend you use the best website analysis tools for the job. However, if you are planning on spending some bucks on your website. Follow the following links:












SEO Auditor







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Quality SEO Tips

Quality SEO Tips

The most important tips for quality SEO. Hope you will get help with it.

     1. Remove anything that slows down your site. Eg, Optimize images size, Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, remove cache, Evaluate plugins, Enable HTTP, Compress content, Reduce redirects & more.

     2. Link to other websites with relevant content.

     3. Write for humans first, search engines second.

     4. Encourage other trustworthy sites to link to you.

     5. Have web analytics in place at the start.

     6. Write unique and relevant meta titles and descriptions for every page.

     7. Use readable and meaningful URLs(landing pages) only.

     8. Build momentum with social signals.

     9. Use the right keywords in your images(Alt Tags).

     10. Create & publish unique content consistently to improve your rankings.

     11. Write content on business-oriented keywords, so it important to work on a perfect keyword list.

So these are some popular tips that you can follow while working in an SEO environment.

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Google is celebrating its 22nd birthday, Doodle created in a special way

Google is celebrating its 22nd birthday

The globally famous search engine Google is celebrating its 22nd birthday today. Google has shared a Doodle in its special style. The search engine Google was founded in 1998 by two students, Stanford University of California, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.

The search engine Google was founded in the year 1998. It was founded by two Ph.D. students, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, of Stanford University, California. Larry Page and Sergey Brin named it ‘Backrub’ before Google’s official launch. Over time, it was later named Google, which is now known by the whole world. It is designed to share all kinds of information around the world.

Explain that in the initial period, Google’s birthday was celebrated on different dates. Google has been celebrating its birthday on September 7 till the year 2005. After which Google’s birthday has also been celebrated on 8 September and 26 September. Recently, Google has started celebrating its birthday on 27 September.

In today’s time, Google celebrates special occasions around the world through doodles. From the year 1998, Google started making its own doodles. Google created the first doodle in honor of the Burning Man Festival. Google is working in more than 100 languages worldwide. Alphabet Inc is Google’s parent company.

Which is the strongest part of SEO, on page or off-page optimization?

Which is the strongest part of SEO, on page or off-page optimization_

As we all know that whenever a site is live, first we have to work on On-Site SEO. We do not work directly on off-page SEO and the backlink. 90% ranking depends on the on-page SEO. If there are proper landing pages, content, h1, title, description, keywords, robots, and sitemap available on the website according to its keywords then no one can stop you to get rank on google. So that is the reason we can say on-page is the strongest part of SEO and play a very important role then off-page SEO.


On-Page SEO checklist:

Keyword optimization

Analyze and define keyword Relevancy, Proximity, and Frequency in content

Formulate best Keyword pattern in content based on recent Google Updates

Check the content versus keywords ratio in Descriptions, Titles, and Meta Tags

Content enhancement with a well-integrated ratio of keywords and adherence to LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing

W3C HTML & CSS validation check

Optimization of title tags of all important pages

Optimization of header tags H1, H2, and H3

Analysis of bold tag

Content optimization for right keyword density

Review of non-index able attributes like Frames from SEO aspects and recommendations

Image optimization

Anchor tag optimization

Hyperlink Optimization

Optimizing internal linking structure (Navigation)

Optimization of external Links

The broken links analysis report

Creation & Optimization of HTML Site Map

Dynamic Google, Yahoo & MSN sitemap develop and submission

Content Optimization

Alexa account setup

Set up of necessary 401 / 301 redirections

Setup webmaster account on Google, Yahoo & MSN

Optimized website URL architecture

MOD rewriting suggestion


Our OFF-PAGE checklist:

Social Bookmarking

Article Submission

Directory Submission

Blog Submission

Classified Posting

Press Release

Forum Posting

Answer Site Posting

Social Media Marketing

Guest blogging

Infographic submission

Business Listing

Review Posting

Profile Creation


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How To Rank High On Google

How To Rank High On Google

SEO is important because it keeps your website in top SERPs – search engine result pages – The higher you rank in results pages, the more clicks and traffic your site will generate. In 2020 and beyond SEO is more about improving user experience that helps in the reduction of bounce rate and retention of customers with higher repeat ratios.


Moreover, by improving your SEO you allow your business to get found online by relevant customers, which grows eligible traffic to your website and to your online store. The more the relevant traffic, the higher is the number of qualified leads, which you can convert into potential customers.


The rule is “Stay Relevant and do not optimize your website for Google Bots, but for your target customers!” If you can achieve this your website will surpass all competition and will rank higher on most competitive and business-driving keywords. Just remember, “Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”


Make sure your website offers the best user experience and the online visitor who has landed the first time on the website finds it easy to interact with webpages and other aspects of the website. Efficient web design always guides the website visitor to the topic or CTA that he/she is interested in. If a website fails to achieve this ease of interaction it is bound to have a higher bounce rate and once that happens, Google will tend to show it less in SERPs because at the end of the day Google also does not want to disappoint the searcher by landing him/her on an irrelevant or poorly optimized website. It reflects poorly on the reputation of Google as the world’s most intuitive search engine. If you can take care of this aspect and understand this simple logic. Your website will rank high in Google SERPs.


Once the UI and UX aspects have been taken care of it is important to address the following aspects:


  1.  Improve Your On-Site SEO. Here You Need to Ensure The Website Optimization Meets All Google Guidelines.
  2.  Add LSI Keywords To Your Page. Latent Semantic Indexing is Like Finding Synonyms of Your Target Sets of Keywords.
  3.  Monitor Your Technical SEO. It Is All About Data These Days. Refer To Analytics and take insights.
  4.  Match Your Content to Search Intent. This Is Essential to Reduce Bounce Rate.
  5.  Reduce Your Bounce Rate Via Great UI and UX.
  6.  Find Even Sets of Keywords to Target.
  7.  Publish engaging High-Quality Content.
  8.  Build Backlinks to Your Site. Only relevant and from High PR sites.


In the end, it is all about working on improvements relentlessly and seeking insights from live data reflections and behavioral patterns of the website and accordingly updating every webpage for better results. Quoting Bruce Clay “It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the Web site so that it becomes an eagle.”


At Always Digital Marketing, we work towards transforming your web properties into Hawks!