What’s the Difference Between AR, VR, and MR?


AR-Augmented Reality gives an experience of the real world which is enhanced with virtual objects. The value of Augmented Reality is in, how the components of the digital world mix with the perception of the real world. Augmented Reality is used to enhance natural environments and provide an enriched experience to the users.

VR- Virtual Reality gives a simulated experience that can be used for entertainment or educational purposes. It is a fully artificial environment that may or may not be similar to the real world. The experiences can be repeated and revised also.

MR- Mixed Reality is a hybrid of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality where both physical and digital objects exist. It is highly interactive, and one can interact with immersive content using physical gestures as well.


Major Differences Between AR, VR, and MR: –

  • AR gives a live view of the real world, whereas MR fully immerses into the virtual environment and MR is a mix of both, real-world and virtual environments.
  • AR keeps the user in close contact with the real-world surroundings, but VR completely shuts the outside world and is very immersive in nature. MR gives the experience of both, by not completely shutting down the user from the outside world, here the surroundings may change depending upon the actions of the user.
  • AR gives us the experience of life-like things, whereas VR gives us the experience of objects or surroundings that we have never been to, for example- Jurassic world. MR helps us understand things by correlating past to present.
  • AR can be used to teach practical things, whereas VR can be used in pieces of training like simulation exercises or military training, or in the study of human anatomy. MR can be used to correlate the real world with virtual reality.
  • Last but not the least, Augmented Reality makes use of the camera of the user’s device to connect him to the real world but in the case of Virtual Reality, it is completely a different environment based on imagination. MR is a more enhanced version of Augmented Reality.


We see that Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are complex in nature but different from each other and are currently being used for various purposes like training, business sessions, and entertainment. One may use either of these technologies or a combination of them. All these technologies are gaining the attention of the businessmen in the market.